How To Unlock A Phone

Step 1. Select Your Device
On Our Homepage Press The 'Unlock My Phone' Button And Select Your Device To Be Unlocked.

Step 2. Complete Your Order
Now You Just Need To Provide Some Information For Us To Unlock Your Device, All We Require Is:

  • Your Name

  • Your Email Address (One That We Can Send Your Unlock Code & Instructions To Enter It To)

  • Your Device's IMEI 

The Easiest Way To Obtain Your IMEI Number Is To Type *#06# Into Your
Call Keypad, This Will Automatically Display Your IMEI Number.

How To Unlock A Phone

How To Find Your IMEI Number

We Only Require The First 15 Digits Of Your IMEI Number

How To Find Your IMEI
How To Unlock A Phone

Using Your Call Keypad

If Your IPhone Has Not Been Activated Yet

On The Main Lock Screen You Need To Click On The Small ' i ' Button In The Bottom Right Corner, This Will The Display Your MEID, IMEI & ICCID. We Only Need Your IMEI.

Step 3. Complete The Payment
Once You Checkout For Your Unlock Service We Will Begin Your Order. Payment is 100% Safe & Secure, They Can Only Be Completed Using A Valid Credit / Debit Card Or With A Paypal Account.

Step 4. Receive Your Unlock Code & Instructions By Email  
At Some Point During The Estimated Delivery Time We Will Email You With Your Unlock Code & Easy-To-Follow Instructions On How To Enter It. Be Sure To Check Your Spam / Junk Email Folder If You Don't Receive An Email.

Step 4. Finish Your Unlock  
Using Your Easy-To-Follow Instructions Provided, You Just Need To Enter The Unlock Code Into Your Device.

Your Device Is Now Unlocked.