Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal?
Yes! As of 2006 is it absolutely 100% ruled legal by all countries. Some carrier's actually sell the unlock codes themselves, but for a much higher price. 

I am in a different country, can you unlock my phone?
Of course! We do business with over 100 countries on a daily basis, we are a very large world-wide company!!

How can I tell if my phone is already unlocked?
Put in a sim card that does not belong to your phone and if it works immediately than your phone is unlocked! Otherwise if it is locked (most of them are) it won't pick up signal, and it will ask you for a sim network unlock pin, network mep code, remote unlock code, unlock code, etc. something along those lines.

If I buy an unlock code is it guaranteed to work?
Yes. We pay to get our unlock codes straight from the Manufacturer database that belongs to the factory where your phones are actually made! These are true manufacturer unlock codes and the exact same you'd receive from the manufacturer themselves!

What are more reasons to unlock my phone?
1. For starters it raises the re-seller value of your phone so everyone should do it regardless of why! When you sell your phone in the future people will pay much for an unlocked phone because they have the ability to use it on every network!

2. If your traveling and don't want to pay roaming fees in another country than unlock your phone and when you get there simply put in a local sim card.

3. If you are changing carrier's or moving to a cheaper pre-paid carrier you can unlock your old phone and use it on your new carrier and save yourself the cost of buying another new phone!

4. If you are moving country and want to keep your old phone you can have it unlocked and take it with you and put your new carrier sim card in it and use it like always.

If my phone isn't on your list can it still be unlocked?
That depends, feel free to contact us and tell us your make and model and provider your phone is locked to and we will try our best to help you get your phone unlocked! 

Once I unlock my phone, can I update it, or factory restore it?
Yes. Once you unlock your phone it will never re-lock. It is fully and permanently unlocked forever! You can update it to the latest version, factory restore it or reset it as many times as you like.

Can I contact you after I purchase my unlock code?
Absolutely you can, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have, before, during and after we unlock your phone!

How can I pay for the Unlock code?
We accept Credit Card, Debit card, and Paypal.