Why We Unlock? 

Premium Phone Unlockings is a very professional company set up to bring you the best unlocking services available, we only provide reliable, safe & fast unlocking services, and offering all of this at the lowest price possible is what we like to call our 'Premium' service, we offer this premium service as standard for all of our services. While providing only the most trustworthy and secure phone unlocking services we like to emphasise that our services are the fastest, cheapest and most reliable unlocking services out there. We like to help our customers in every way we can, we value each and every one of you as if you were our very first customer many, many years ago, this is why we dedicate ourselves to achieve the best customer service possible. There are many unethical unlocking companies that are not always fair to customers, damaging the reputation of all unlocking firms globally. We are pleased to inform you that you are in the right place, as we channel our business through reputable suppliers who are not only reliable but promote a good value base and positive experience, to both you, the client and us.


We are always looking to expand and grow our business, we are continuously looking into new unlocking services for different phone manufacturers, countries and carriers so if we do not have the unlocking service for you please do not hesitate to Contact Us as we will try our very best to help you find a solution. All of our unlocking services are tested daily to ensure they work successfully. If a service goes down for any reason the service will be removed and the customers will be informed and refunded in full. 


We always endeavour to offer alternative solutions and will do our best to give a solution to any problem and follow the buyers request and instructions.


Thank you for reading and be assured of a problem free satisfactory experience should you buy any of our services.